Your skin needs when you entering your Thirties

“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes”

Skin focus starting on your thirties: correct & protect. Collagen production slows down by around 1% each year at this point, so you’ll start to see the physical signs of ageing appear around your eyes and on your forehead. Despite this, this decade is often the time when you begin to feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. With correct care, your skin can really glow during this decade! 

Skin changes:

·     Collagen and elastin fibers become less effective 

·     Cell renewal continues to slow and skin can become visible 

·     Glycation may start to become visible 

·     Fine lines around the eye area will start to deepen 

Common problem:

·     Dark circles 

·     More visible lines 

·     Sensitivity heightened in the form of flushing, reactive skin 

·     Melasma and hormone-related pigmentation 

·     Acne 

Choose the right products 

Your mantra here is “protection, prevention and reverse”. This means cleansing, applying a serum and following it with an SPF. Now it’s also the time to add a weekly face mask and an eye cream. Cell turnover is slowing and the skin is thickening, so exfoliating once a week will help keep the skin looking fresh and allow your serums to be absorbed more easily. Key ingredients to look out for include antioxidants (especially Vitamin C) and retinol. 

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Time for a professional treatment?

Even if you don’t have any specific skin concerns, getting into the routine of having a facial every eight weeks is generally a good idea. It’s important to take care of your skin and it’s at the same time a moment of relaxation. 

Diet recommendation for a healthy skin. 

What we eat can affect the condition of our skin at every age and a few small tweaks can make a big difference. 

·     Vitamin C-rich foods play a huge role in collagen production. So enjoy plenty of raw peppers, citrus fruits, broccoli and leafy greens.

·     Antioxidants prevent the impact of oxidative stress on your skin and in turn, forestall premature ageing. Find them in red, orange and yellow vegetables, leafy greens, onion and garlic, raw fruits, seeds, nuts and their oils plus basil. 

Ones you enter your thirties, but can also start earlier, you should choose the right skincare products for your skin. This means every day cleansing, applying a serum and following with an SPF and Include Vitamin C- and Antioxidants food into your daily diet. 

Last, but not least: Even if you don’t have any specific skin concerns, getting into a routine of having a face mask every week is the perfect addition for that glowy skin.

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