The importance of Me-time

Do you ever feel like you never get a minute’s peace? Constantly surrounded by people making demands on your time by your family, your friends, your partner, your colleagues? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one.

The demands of modern day life can be overwhelming, running a business, working for a boss, taking care of family or participating in social commitments. Whatever your lifestyle demands, you need to make sure you don’t burn out. Taking time for yourself is vital.

We often priorities everyone else’s needs before our own because we don’t want to seem selfish or feel guilty but that’s not healthy. Spending time alone is actually a good thing as the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one in your life. Studies have shown that having more me time benefits such as: increasing productivity, happiness, gratitude and empathy.

Skin care can be an essential part of your daily self-care ritual. When you applying your skincare routine, you-re carving out a few minutes of Me-time every day to focus on yourself and nothing else. You can adjust your skincare routine to fit your needs on any given day.

Some days a simple skincare routine might be all you need, but other times you might want to dedicate a little extra time for an at-home spa feeling while having a sheet mask and taking a relaxing bath. Have a look at our Sheet mask collection we recommend for an at-home spa and creating that moment of me-time.

Following situation explains that spending time and taking care of yourself will make you healthy and it will improve the your quality of life:

Reboot your brain and be more productive – having a never-ending list of tasks and working from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep is not healthy. The human brain wasn’t built for extended periods of focus. You need to take regular breaks if you want to stay productive.

Improve concentration and aid problem – If you are focusing too much on completing a task or solving a problem most of the time you don’t get anywhere. Taking a regular break will relax your brains and a solution will suddenly come to you because you aren’t trying to force

Allow time for self-discovery and deeper thinking – We need to take time to stop and evaluate ourselves every now and then. If we aren’t aligning our actions with our objectives then we can become unhappy and unfulfilled.

Better work-life balance – Understanding the importance of looking after your needs makes it easier to create a better work-life balance.

Greater well-being – Doing the things that we enjoy makes us feel happier. Feeling happier makes us more positive, healthy and fulfilled.

Improve your relationships – making yourself a priority shows other people that you respect your own needs. If you don’t respect yourself then others can start to take advantage of that. Value yourself and others will value you. Me-time will energise you and make you feel healthier and happier putting you in a better position to love and support the people you care about.

There are many ways to create a moment of me-time. Every person is different and has different needs of me-time. Please find below some inspiration for your moment of self-love:

- Skincare moment/ sheet mask session/ at-home spa

- Digital detox

- Creative side – start painting, writing, cooking or creating something you like

- Treat yourself with something that makes you happy such as skin care, holidays, shopping

- Take a nap

- Practising Sports

- Beach/ forest/ park walk, fresh air stimulates the brain

- Spending time with friends

- Having a massage

With these natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety you’ll feel recharged, relaxed, rested, calmer, and more patient. You might even notice improved concentration, enhanced relationships, and overall mental clarity. Making self-care a habit is essential to keep your body and skin healthy and a powerful way to nourish your soul.

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