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1 Could you introduce yourself and your brand/shop a little bit for our readers? We are Anouk & Helen, founders of Masuka Mask.Masuka Mask is the Korean sheet mask destination in Europe. We offer a wide range of Korean sheet masks available for each skin type or skin concern and especially for that much needed moment of self-love and relaxation. Whether you are looking for a gift to yourself or to surprise a loved one, Masuka Mask got your back! At Masuka Mask you can also surprise a loved one with an inspiring personalized beauty gift set by adding a personal message to one of our luxury gift sets to make it even more personal. 

2 What is your biggest concern about your skin right now? (e.g,. Trouble care, Moisturising, Elasticity, Whitening, Redness, etc.)? Helen – My main focus is to hydrate my skin. Especially in the winter when most of the time the heating will easily dry out my skin. I apply a sheet mask at least twice a week to hydrate and nourish my skin on top of my current skincare routine. I just entered the thirties, which means that I am also starting with the Sulwhasoo anti-aging sheet masks to keep a glowy skin and reduce the first signs of fine lines. Anouk – I have a normal to combination skin type which is quite easy to maintain. I love the benefit of using a sheet mask for any concern I have at any given moment. My current routine is that I use our Nacific AHA BHA sheet mask once a week to exfoliate my skin to control spots. Besides this I also us our Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Mask at least once a week to prevent my skin from aging, to boost its hydration level and to promote that radiant-looking skin.

3 As a buyer of Masuka Mask, what do you focus on when choosing a product to introduce to your customers? Everything you find at Masuka has been tested and hand selected by our beauty expert team. We only offer the highest quality Korean sheet masks that will give your skin immediately results. Our collection contains the number one Korean skincare brands such as Sulwhasoo, Dr. Jart+, Iope and Nacific. We aim for high-quality products and brands that do what it claims. Offering a wide range of sheet masks that our customers can choose from based on their specific needs or skin concern. Our sheet masks are instant beauty boosters that show immediately results, that are the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine to calm, hydrate or stimulate your skin or when you need a moment of relaxation. 

4 Do you like to enjoy using a sheet mask? If so, how often do you use it, do you use it weekly? We love to use sheet masks as they are a great addition to your daily beauty routine to give your skin that extra or to treat a skin concern. We highly recommend to use a sheet mask at least twice a week to pamper the skin and to create that much needed moment of me-time. 

5 Have you experienced Korean brand masks? What do you think are their characteristics and difference from other non Korean brands?(Scent, Texture, Package, Sheet thickness, Shape, Ingredients, etc.) *If you have any suggestion for improvement, that would be helpful too. Masuka Mask was founded while traveling through Japan & Seoul, where we discovered the exceptional beauty of Korean skin care especially the sheet masks.When we couldn’t find sheet masksthat met our new standards for quality skincare, led us to start Masuka Mask – because we wanted the best Korean sheet masks accessible for our friends.This is why we love Korean skincare;

  • Effective and affordable formulas – You buy the best products at reasonable prices. 
  • Research goes into offering the best ingredients –Companies strive to offer the most effective and gentle ingredients.
  • Innovative product –Korean brands create innovative products to stay one step ahead of what consumers want. 
  • The design of the packaging – The products have an aesthetically pleasing design for an enjoyable user experience.  

6 What are your favorite Korean sheet mask products that you’ve tried that you would recommend? One of our favorite sheet masks is the Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy maskWell known for it's rich powerful anti-aging components of Ginseng. This unique mask creates a firm, glowing skin by enhancing skin moisture, radiance, resilience and translucency. The #1 booster for firmness, anti-aging and glowy skin. 

Another favorite one of us is the Iope Bio essence Facial Mask.This highly concentrate anti-oxidant face mask made of bio-cellulose material, will boost the skin and perfect the condition to achieve smooth and translucent looking skin. IOPE is known for it’s in-depth research into the skin, ingredients, natural materials and technologies to find and provide optimal solution for all different skin types and skin concerns.

7 Could you share your own tips to maximize the effect after using a mask?There are some special tips and tricks to enhance the effects of a sheet masks to really leave your skin more radiant in a matter of minutes. 

  • Cleanse: The most important advice is to clean your face first before applying a sheet mask, this to make sure that your skin can make the most out of all the high-quality vitamins and minerals. If you follow a 10-step Korean skin care routine: you’ll put your sheet mask on after you apply your serum or ampoule.
  • Check your ingredients: Make sure that you use the correct sheet mask to target your skin concern or skin type. There is not one product which is capable of doing everything. Make sure you always check the ingredients high up on the ingredient list to see if the sheet mask really focusses on the issue you want to target. Hydrating masks should include hyaluronic acid or glycerin.Calming and soothing masks should include anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Centella Asiatica, also known as Tiger Grass or Aloe Vera. Anti-aging masks to prevent your skin from aging should include high quality ingredients like Ginseng or the unique JAUM-complex.
  • Flip your Sheet Mask: Sheet masks are technically double sided so flip your mask over when you’re halfway through your treatment and enjoy the cooling dose of hydration once again.This is especially good if you have sensitive or irritated skin.
  • Relax: Create that moment of me-time for yourself to fully enjoy the face mask. Sheet masks are frequently called an effective form of beauty sleep

8 Could you share your usual skincare routine? We love the 10-step Korean skin care routine to maintain our skins looking healthy and glowy.Our skincare routine starts with a double cleans. From here we use a toner, essence and serum which we gently tab into our skin so that it can easily be absorbed. From here depending on which day, it is we use a sheet mask or directly apply eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen (AM). Besides this we go to our skin therapist once a month to get a deep cleanse.

9 Besides sheet masks, do you have any other Korean product that you’ve tried that you would recommend? (Cleanser, Serum, Cream, etc.)After experiencing the beauty and effectiveness of Korean skincare we wouldn’t buy any other products anymore. All products found on our bathroom shelves are K-beauty. The beauty of the products, effectiveness for our skin and gentle ingredients makes sure we won’t buy any other products anymore.

10 How do you practice your beauty routine to be more sustainable? Sustainability is not only a personal focus but also a priority for Masuka Mask. We strive to always implement environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.All of our products have been developed with responsibly sourced natural or naturally derived ingredients. We strive to use as much natural ingredients as possible and for properties that nature can’t provide or when it’s more environmentally friendly, we choose lab-made alternatives. We can confirm that all our products are tested to establish the quality, safety and satisfaction of our customers. We clearly indicate on the website if a product is clean, natural or organic and leave the choice to the consumer.

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