Why using a sheet mask is just right for your skin!

Sheet masks are a still a relative newcomer to the skin-care industry. How do these mysterious, moisturizing masks actually work, and are they better for your skin than regular face masks? Here are your answers the most commonly heard questions about sheet masks ranging from what’s actually in them to how often you should do them?

What’s a sheet mask?
Sheet masks originally come from Japan and South Korea, where they are known for their dedication on skin care. Sheet masks are a face-shaped sheet fabric soaked in nutrition-packed solution called serum. The sheet is made up of fiber, cotton, cellulose, or coconut pulp. It’s wet, cool, and usually dripping straight out of the package, because it’s infused with a liquid cocktail of hydrating ingredients. You place it on your face by lining up the holes over your eyes and mouth.

Sheet masks are different from facial masks (paste type) that you only need to apply, take off or pat in extra serum instead of washing the paste after applying and putting on other skincare products. Sheet masks are generally used once and are individually packaged, making them fast, convenient, easy to use and a great product to bring on the go.

But why using a sheet mask?
The good thing about sheet masks is that they are great add on to your existing skincare routine. Sheet masks offer treatment flexibility. Want to replenish moisture? Calm irritated skin? Lighten the appearance of dark spots? Make fine lines less noticeable? The serums in sheet masks are formulated to support specific functions, so you can tailor their use to target and correct your skin care concerns.

Sheet masks are extremely convenient to use and one of the quickest ways to restore a healthier and more youthful appearance to dull, tired skin, often rivaling the results of an expensive spa treatment.

When using a sheet masks you are creating that much needed moment of ‘me-time’ or your luxury spa at home. When you take time from your hectic schedule for a session of pampering with a sheet mask, the pressures of life lighten a little and fatigue fades. The results show up on your face.

Sheet masks work as an occlusive — a physical barrier that seals your skin with a mixture of good-for-you ingredients. The physical mask prevents the evaporation of beneficial ingredients  Think of a sheet mask as saturating your skin in a temporary but effective moisturizing sleeping bag of skin care, where good stuff gets in but nothing gets out.

What ingredients are used in a sheet mask? 
Much like the human body, the primary ingredient in sheet masks is water. It’s the first ingredient listed on all our Dr Jart + and Sulwhasoo sheet masks. 

Water is in your skin care because it’s a carrier and complementary ingredient. Many sheet masks use botanical extracts and other ingredients that are hydrophilic, and pair best with water. Having water in the formula of your sheet mask can help with delivery to the skin. Water can make stronger ingredients more pleasant for to the skin.

Depending on what function the sheet masks want to perform the serum contains various ingredients that are commonly used like ginger, hyaluronic acid or niacinamide. 

You may also see a bunch of ingredients ending in -ol: butylene glycol and dipropylene glycol. You may be wondering — does that mean your sheet masks contain alcohol? No! Know that not all alcohols have the same characteristics. For example, butylene glycol is an organic alcohol that’s often used for conditioning, and is a humectant. It helps bind moisture to the skin and is one of the gentlest glycols. It also has a few other benefits; It can help cut the viscosity in sheet-mask formulas to make the texture less sticky and heavy, it can be a solvent in the formula and it can help prevent the formula from drying out.

What does a sheet mask actually do?
Does having your skin look radiant, plumper, more bouncy, luminous, more hydrated in 10 to 30 minutes sound good to you? Then sheet masks are for you.

“Sheet masks are frequently called an effective form of beauty sleep. ”

Sheet masks have a simple, effective, moisturizing-added benefit, they bring fast effects in regards to enhancing the skin. The serum is filled with various vitamins and minerals, and won’t dry out the skin compared to the ‘paste-type face mask’. The sheet on your face helps the serum to soak in your skin a little longer.

It also allows the skin to ‘rest’ while it is saturated in a hydrating, brightening, or anti-aging serum and giving an extra boost to your current skin routine when you need it the most. Sheet masks effectively gets moisture back into skin. Basically, sheet masks are inexpensive compared to going to a spa, convenient, easy to apply, and brings a glowing effect on your skin.

How do I use a sheet mask?
It’s very easy! Apply it on a clean face, leave for 10-30 minutes (depending on your sheet mask) relax, take it off and enjoy your beautiful looking skin! The good thing is that, you don’t have to bother washing it off after applying! Just gently tap your face to help the remaining content absorb into the skin.

You can apply it as often as you want throughout the day or week. When you are busy and barely have time to rest, sheet masks are great because you can use them even when you’re reading or watching TV, but we advise you to take that small moment of ‘me-time’ as you deserved it.

The sheets are one-size-fits-all, but since every face is not the same size or shape, it would be easier to start from the forehead and pat it softly as you come down to your face while lining up the holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth.

How often should I do it?
Korean skincare lovers use sheet masks every single day. We advise you to that when you are having a sheet mask a few times a week, when you are fighting a skin concern, also offers the benefits. When you are using a sheet mask to maintain your beautifully looking skin we advise you to use a sheet mask once a week.  

How long should you leave them on for?
Most sheet masks have directions for how long to leave the mask on, ranging from somewhere between 10–30 minutes. We advise you to check the label on your sheet mask before applying it. Important is that you follow this direction as you should take your sheet mask off before the mask starts to feel dry. We don’t recommend leaving it on for more than the guided direction as once the mask is dry, they can actually absorb moisture back out of your skin.

How do I know which one to pick?
At Masuka Mask you are the the right place when it comes to finding the right sheet masks. Everything you find has been carefully tested and hand selected by our beauty expert team. We carry a beautiful range of face masks, so you will always find the right mask meeting your skin type or skin needs.

It’s important to identify your skin type or needs first, so that you can select a sheet mask that will have the biggest impact on your skin. For example, dry skin would benefit from the key ingredient hyaluronic acid which can be found in our Dr Jart+ Water Jet Hydra Vital Solution.

If your skin has been seeking revenge for all those late nights and stress lately, go with our First Care Activating Mask from Sulwhasoo with  JAUM herbal ingredients to help improve the skin vitality, resilience, clarity, regeneration and nourishment for that soft, glowing skin. 

Read more here on which sheet mask to use based on your skin type to see which sheet masks to pick.

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