Which Sheet Mask to Use Based on Your Skin Type

We frequently see pictures of beautiful looking ladies with that glowing or glass looking skin. Don’t we all want to achieve this? It is easy to choose any product or face mask that looks great and is making you a lot of promises, whether it’s cheap , expensive or recommended by your favorite celebrity. However, in order to achieve and maintain that glowy skin, it is essential to know your skin type first, so that you know which products suits your skin best.

Your skin is your largest organ, it adapts to certain circumstances, lifestyle choices or seasonality. Using wrong products can make your skin look even more dull, so taking time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right products that will help to have your skin glowing in no time. 

Maybe you already know your skin type, otherwise we advise you to use our bare-face method to determine your skin type at home click here

Which sheet mask is best for my skin type?

Combination Skin
People with a combination skin type can experience both dryness and oiliness at the same time. A combination skin is frequently characterized as having an oily T- zone (forehead, down the nose and chin) and dry around U- zone (cheeks, mouth and eyes areas).

It is important to use a sheet mask that is not too heavy, but substantial enough to retain moisture. A face mask that quickly absorbs into the skin and will boost the skin at the right places.

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Dry Skin
Dry skin types can feel tight during the day and may experience some dry patches and flaking. Visible redness, irritation, and an itchy feeling are common concerns dry skin types deal with.

The best sheet masks for dry skin are masks containing hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and marine actives like algae, because of their ability to attract water and deliver it directly to skin cells.

Our Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask of Dr Jart+ is one of our most intens hydrating sheet mask containing hyaluronic acid. This easy-to-apply antioxidant-rich formula mask is made with fine microfibre to help active ingredients penetrate deeply in the skin for that ultimate hydration and glass looking skin.

Dr Jart+ Dermask Water Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask

We recommend you to use this sheet mask once a week as part of you Korean skin care routine, to get rid of your dry skin and welcome that smooth looking glass skin.

This is the ideal skin type as it is easy to treat, always feels balanced and isn’t much of a concerns. Normal skin types aren’t typically prone to breakouts and are well moisturized with an even complexion. You can easily recognize a normal skin type by its healthy glow.

A hydrating facial mask for normal skin types will help to get that beautiful glow after a treatment at your favorite facial therapist but then at home from the comfort of your sofa.

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An oily skin type is characterized being oily throughout the day. This skin type most frequently has visible pores, blemishes, and some PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), a condition which leaves dark spots on the skin after a breakout has healed. The great news is that oily skin looks younger because it has more moisture and is less prone to wrinkle.

An oily skin type is looking for a well formulated face mask that leaves skin shine-free, but not dry or tight and sometimes includes anti-bacterial ingredients to speed healing and prevent future blemishes.

Our First Care Activating Mask of Sulwashoo will be the perfect sheet mask for oily skin. This face mask indulgent with JAUM balancing complex known as the best Korean herbal ingredients help improve the skin vitality, resilience, clarity, for that soft, natural glowing skin. It’s antiseptic properties will help to speed heal any spots and prevent future breakouts.

Sulwashoo - First Care Activating Mask

Sensitive Skin 
Sensitive skin types tend to easily irritate, have more redness and can have a feeling of discomfort. Sensitive skin is most frequently a result of environmental factors and wrong use of products.

A sheet mask for sensitive skin should give ultimate comfort, soften the skin and help the healing process of the skin.

Our Cicapair Calming Mask of Dr Jart+ is our answer to sensitive skin as it is drenched in Centella Asiatica extract an Asian herbal plant commonly referred to as Tiger Grass which is known for its potent ability to aid in skin recovery to cool, soothe, repair and moisturize sensitive skin.

Dr Jart+ Cicapair Calming Mask

This mask of Dr Jart+ is free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, fungal acne feeding components, parabens, silicones, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and synthetic fragrances, as these ingredients can result in redness and itchiness.

All sheet masks are recommended to use on a weekly basis to get or maintain that glass looking skin.

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