Nacific sheet masks

The Korean brand Nacifc started in 2015 and also known as Natural Pacific. The Korean brand Nacific offers natural products and understands changes and patterns in nature, leading to new changes and improvements constantly being made through research and development to bring out only the best in your skin.

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Nacific uses only natural ingredients to bring out the natural beauty of our customer's skin, they maximize the natural effects of the ingredients and have built a strong reputation towards the customers. The products are not only loves in South-Korea but all over the world.


Aiming for continuous research and development of skincare. Nacific is always striving to make products that can provide comfort and relaxation to the skin with healthy ingredients obtained through nature. In our assortiment we offer AHA BHA Balancing sheet mask and the Niacinamide Brightening sheet mask. The AHA BHA Balancing sheet mask made of natural plant extracts supports and creates a soft and smooth skin through mid exfoliants. The Niacinamide face mask made of natural plant extracts and ingredients Niacinamide (vitamine B3) and Hyaluronzuur SYN-HYCAN ensure that the skin natural balance is restored and reduces impurities and creates a fresh look.

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