How it all began.

Masuka Mask was founded while traveling through Japan & Seoul. We discovered the exceptional beauty of sheet masks which are used by more than 75% of the Asian population.

When we couldn’t find sheet masks that met our standards for quality skincare, led us to start Masuka Mask – because we wanted the best South Korean sheet masks accessible for our friends.

What we stand for.

Everything you find at Masuka Mask has been tested and hand selected. We only offer the highest quality South Korean sheet masks that will give you immediately results.

These instant beauty boosters are the perfect addition to your daily beauty routine to calm, hydrate or stimulate your skin or when you need a moment of relaxation. When you have a Masuka Mask delivered at your door, you treat yourself to a 15-minute moment of self-love, a moment of peaceful beauty.

Treat yourself, gift your loved ones with one of our luxury Masuka Mask sheet masks.

It’s nice to meet you! Now that you’re here, take a look around. Meet our products, see them in action and let us know what you think.

Happy Masking!

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Treat your skin with only the purest, nourishing and high performing ingredients and find out what glowing skin really means. #chokchokskin

Gift yourself

Finally, 'Me-time’. Put yourself first and let your skin soak in only the purest, most exclusive ingredients. Just like you deserve.

Gift your loved ones

The ultimate beauty gift! Want to treat someone special? Masuka Mask got your back. Sending the perfect beauty gift for any occasion to your friends & family.

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